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Advocates on Solace are doctors, nurses, and care experts who will listen to you, fight on your behalf and get you the care you need.


How Solace Works

Whatever it is. Whoever it’s for.  However long you need it.  We connect you to real people who can help.


Tell us what's going on.

We'll listen to your story and match you with the right advocate for your personal needs. Talk to someone as soon as today.


Meet your advocate by phone or video.

Your advocate is your ally. We make the calls, get the appointments, fill out the paperwork and help you get the answers and the care you need.


Get ongoing support whenever you need.

Your advocate doesn't stop working when you leave the doctor's office. We're here for you whenever, for as long as you need it.

Over 8,000 Patients & Families Helped

Lori S.

43 years of experience

“Lori’s knowledge of geriatrics, the health care system, insurance and hospice is invaluable. She put together a plan that provided the best possible care for our loved one and our family.”
Debbie D.

Lavorne S.

22 years of experience

“LaVorne made sure my daughter was being properly treated. She provided me with an education that I would not have received from the medical staff and empowered me to stand up for my daughters care.”
D'Andrea I.

Molly C.

3 years of experience

Molly was extremely helpful in my preparation for major surgery. She provided me with information on the procedure, questions to ask the surgeon prior to surgery and researched insurance options for me.
Amy J.

Michael Y.

"Michael has advocated for me and gotten the results I needed, going through the necessary channels, having a plan "B" in the event my doctor didn't cooperate, keeping me posted of the goings on via email and phone calls."
Edward C.

Jeff B,

5 years of experience

"Jeff Byars was able to help me immensely with my hospital bills.  He saved my sanity and understood how the system works so he was able to help SO FAST.  I highly recommend!  Two thumbs up, all the way!"
Melissa B.

Kathy M.

45 years of experience

“Kathy participated in  numerous appointments, she did a ton research and guiding us through the process. She explains all the ins and outs in detail. She is still continuing to help us navigate this complicated path of pain management.”
Denise S.

Linda C.

40 years of experience

“I really think I would’ve lost my mind without Linda steering me through all the healthcare bills and the abundance of rejection each step of the way. She is a lifesaver in a complex world of healthcare concerns and unfair practices.”
Suellyn M.

No hidden costs or sneaky fees.

Solace is fully covered by most Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. Check your eligibility today!

Don't have Medicare? Don't worry. Advocates on Solace also offer hourly rates and free intro calls.


Navigate Care with Confidence

We’re experienced health professionals here to listen to your wishes, fight on your behalf, and get you the care you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this completely free?

Working with a care advocate is fully covered by Medicare— you won't have to pay a penny out of pocket.

How often can I meet with my care advocate?

The frequency of your care will be determined when your personalized care plan is created.

What if I don't like my care advocate?

If you're unhappy with your advocate, please contact our team at Our advocates are professionals who understand that sometimes it's not a perfect fit.

What else can they help me with?

Your advocate can assist with various tasks, from scheduling appointments to filling out paperwork, ensuring smooth navigation of your healthcare journey for as long as you need.

How will we communicate?

You'll communicate with your advocate through personalized virtual visits and secure messaging for ongoing care.

How long does it take to match me?

During your free care assessment with a Solace doctor, you'll be paired with the right advocate based on your specific needs.


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