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Solo Aging

How can a patient advocate help with solo aging?

Solo aging, or aging alone without the immediate support of family, can present unique challenges—but with the help of a patient advocate, you can manage these challenges effectively, giving you a higher quality of life and better healthcare outcomes.

A patient advocate can provide invaluable assistance in managing your healthcare needs. They can help schedule appointments, ensure timely medication refills, and coordinate care among various healthcare providers. This can be particularly beneficial if you're struggling with mobility or cognitive issues.

Patient advocates can also help solo agers understand their healthcare options and make informed decisions. They can explain medical jargon, discuss treatment options, and even accompany patients to appointments to ensure all questions are answered—just like having a nurse in the family. Working with an advocate allows you to fearlessly take an active role in your healthcare.

Healthcare bureaucracy can be a huge source of stress and confusion. Your advocate can help you navigate the complexities of insurance coverage, handle billing issues, and advocate for your rights as a person and as a patient. 

They can also help you make ironclad plans for future healthcare needs. They can assist with creating your advanced care plan, discuss long-term care options with you, and ensure that your wishes are documented and respected. Knowing that your future healthcare needs will be met can offer significant peace of mind. 

A patient advocate can be a source of emotional support. Aging alone can sometimes feel isolating and overwhelming. Having an advocate by your side can provide a sense of companionship and reassurance—you’re not alone, and you’ll have someone else looking out for your best interests.

If you’re aging alone, you deserve to be confident in your healthcare. Your advocate will provide the support and guidance you need to age with dignity and peace of mind.

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