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Solace connects you with experienced health advocates who help you unlock better healthcare, no matter what you need.

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Whatever it is. Whoever it’s for.  However long you need it.  
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I live 2,000 miles away from my 85-year-old dad. He needed medical follow up and someone to monitor his private caregivers. Our health advocate followed up with his caregivers, pharmacy, and doctors about his care needs and made sure that he was being taken care of safely.

from Susanne, a Solace user
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My diagnosis became my identity. I didn’t feel like I had value as a person, only as a patient, and my questions weren’t being answered. My advocate restored my confidence and helped me more than I thought possible.

from Helena, a Solace user
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My husband was hospitalized unexpectedly and we had no idea what to do. Our advocate translated all the medical jargon into words that made sense. She spoke to hospital staff on his behalf, and she stayed with us through it all. We couldn’t have gotten through this without her.

from Diana, a Solace user
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My mom’s doctors and specialists weren’t talking to each other, and her medical records were a mess. Our advocate called until she got in touch with the right people, knew how to speak their language, and got mom’s care and medications ironed out. I’m forever grateful.

from Kathryn, a Solace user
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