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Preventative Care

How can an advocate help you with preventative care?

Preventative care forms an essential pillar of patient health, aiming at disease prevention and health maintenance rather than treatment after disease onset. An advocate can play a vital role in empowering you to make informed decisions about preventative care, providing guidance, and helping you navigate the healthcare system effectively.

A patient advocate can guide you through understanding what preventative care tests and screenings are appropriate for your age, gender, and family history. This might include discussions about colonoscopies, mammograms, cholesterol screenings, or vaccinations. They’ll help demystify any medical jargon and make sure you’re clear on the purpose, procedure, and potential outcomes. 

Health insurance can often be a maze. A patient advocate will help you understand your insurance coverage for various preventative care services. They can also assist you in resolving any disputes or billing issues that may arise with your healthcare provider or insurance company.

In an era where doctor appointments are often rushed and impersonal, a patient advocate ensures that you are heard and understood. They can accompany you to appointments or facilitate communication between you and your healthcare provider, ensuring your concerns are addressed and your needs are met. They also help prepare for visits, often assisting in creating a list of important questions or points to discuss.

Moreover, patient advocates can play a pivotal role in ensuring that you follow through with the recommended preventative care plan. They do so by providing reminders for future screenings or tests, helping schedule appointments, aiding in the coordination of care between different healthcare providers, and providing follow-up assistance.

The ultimate goal of preventative care is to maintain optimal health, and a patient advocate is like your personal health coach. They educate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, provide resources for smoking cessation, weight management, or stress reduction. Their guidance, compassion and support can help you adopt healthier habits, manage chronic conditions, and ultimately lead a healthier life.

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