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Health is deeply personal.
Modern healthcare isn’t.

We founded Solace because of our founder’s personal experience with the medical system.

In 2016, Jeremy’s mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She was herself an accomplished radiologist, but even with her deep knowledge of the medical system, her diagnosis was overwhelming. She needed help getting into trials, getting second opinions, weighing treatment options, weighing outcomes.

Through her diagnosis, Jeremy was able to witness firsthand how difficult it is for anyone, no matter their background, to interact with the medical system. Healthcare in the US has become just as complex as the legal system, and most people don't have the medical literacy to navigate any sort of health issue without an advocate.

We started Solace to change the landscape of healthcare education in the US. It’s our goal to raise public awareness of advocacy and provide an easy way for patients in need to find and work with advocates. We believe that the expertise that advocates provide is a major step toward improving American healthcare.

Solace is designed to function less like a directory and more like an experience—a platform that not only determines a patient’s needs and connects them with an advocate, but also continues through the full booking process, making it a seamless and easy experience for clients to connect with advocates.

There is no long-term commitment and absolutely no charge for independent advocates to be listed on Solace.

Everyone deserves the power to make their own decisions, especially when it comes to their health. At Solace, we connect people with the experts who can help them navigate, understand, and take charge of their personal health.

Meet Our Founders

Jeremy Gurewitz
CEO & Co-Founder
Sara Sargent
CPO & Co-Founder

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