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Medical Errors

How can an advocate help you battle medical errors?

Medical errors, whether they're related to diagnosis, medication, or treatment, can have significant and sometimes fatal consequences. It's a frightening prospect that no patient should have to face—but if such a situation arises, a patient advocate can prove to be a powerful ally.

One of the primary ways an advocate can help is by preventing errors from happening in the first place. Your advocate can facilitate clear communication between you and your healthcare team, reducing chances of misunderstandings that can lead to errors. They hold a holistic view of your diagnoses, medication doses, and different procedures, acting as an additional layer of quality control.

In the event of medication errors, an advocate is instrumental in identifying and rectifying mistakes, such as incorrect medications or doses, drug interactions, or allergies overlooked by the healthcare team. An advocate can even help manage your medication, ensuring the right drugs in the correct doses are administered at the appropriate times. 

If a medical error does occur, your advocate can help validate its occurrence and gauge its severity. They can summon the right healthcare professionals to address the error, mitigate its effects, and revisit and revise the treatment plan, thus reducing further harm. 

Advocates can also assist in communicating about the error with your healthcare team. They facilitate open, honest dialogue, insisting on transparency about what happened, why it happened, and what steps are being taken to rectify the error. 

If needed, advocates can also help you file complaints or grievances against medical errors. They can guide you on how to document the error, where to file the complaint, and what to expect from the process. If an error leads to harm and legal action is needed, an advocate can connect you to legal experts who specialize in medical malpractice cases.

Importantly, an advocate provides emotional support during this stressful time. They ensure you feel heard, validated, and not alone as you deal with the repercussions of the error.

A patient advocate's role in battling medical errors is vital. They contribute to preventing errors, acting swiftly when they do occur, and ensuring transparency and accountability from healthcare providers. Their presence can make a substantial difference in the quality of care you receive.

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