Care for your team like family

Advocates on Solace help increase productivity and reduce strain on your employees, so you can better attract and empower the people that power your company.

Cut through the red tape of healthcare

Solace connects your employees with expert care advocates who can help them untangle and take charge of their health.

Reduce stress while improving engagement and focus.

Reliable care means fewer days spent away from the office.

Attract top talent and keep them happy and healthy.

88% of people

in the U.S. are unable to navigate the complexity of the healthcare system without help.

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Exceptional expertise,
improved outcomes.

Advocates on Solace are nurses, physicians, and professionals who help your employees:
Navigate insurance coverage, enrollment & disputes
Find the best doctors & specialists
Research and coordinate care plans for loved ones
Tackle medical jargon and mountains of paperwork
Achieve the best results in times of crisis

Support your team in sickness and in health

Enjoy our modern platform, where you can find advocates, book appointments, have conversations, and keep notes in one place.

Our national, curated network of advocates ensures a perfect match for every unique person and health situation.

We value your security and privacy. Solace is HIPAA-compliant with top-level encryption to keep your team safe.

If you offer health insurance, you should offer Solace. One of our directors said this is the most useful benefit she’s had at any company, period. It’s wonderful knowing that our team has health experts to support them during challenging times.
Solace Benefits Partner

of employees have called out sick to handle a health crisis.


will face a caregiver responsibility during their careers.


expressed less stress after consulting a health advocate.